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Graduation Gift Ideas – What to Give at the Grad Party

Graduation is an exciting time of the year, one filled with boundless opportunities and a little well-deserved celebration!

If one of your loved ones is graduating it’s natural to want to throw them a graduation party and to even give them a graduation gift or two. But if you want to really get into the spirit of the season, you will hand out some parting gifts to everyone who attends your party! Consider giving away a few of these graduation gift ideas to make sure everyone feels the love:

  • Vouchers and certificates:  Sure, they may not be the most original or the most personal gifts out there, but if you’re just looking to hand out a lot of items to party guests, you may want to go the general route to make sure everyone ends up with something they like. Buy a handful of certificates from a handful of different establishments and let people pick which they’d like the most, and your guests will leave smiling!
  • Decorations for graduation cap tassels: Graduation tassel is a good idea if you’re throwing a graduation party before the actual ceremony takes places. Buy a bunch of tassel decorations, leave them out on a table, and let everyone pick the decoration they like the best! These decorations don’t need to be just for the tassels themselves; you can also offer supplies for graduation cap decoration or items to attach to graduation gowns.
  • Meaningful books: Ok, so recent grads just might recoil at the thought of picking up another volume after weeks of cramming for exams and writing end-of-term essays, but the right book will make a great positive impression during this sensitive time in a young person’s life. Pick a piece of fiction that has a strong message, that revolves around “coming of age,” or that merely provides a little insight, perspective, and humor, and don’t be surprised if your guests start sending you “thank you!” emails over the coming weeks!

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